Dr. Cecily Kampwerth

Dr. Cecily Kampwerth Lakewood ChiropractorI was born in Montana but I have spent most of my life in Illinois. I have been pursuing a chiropractic career since early junior high. I believe chiropractic is the best way to maintain optimal health and wellbeing in an individual. I have seen amazing outcomes with chiropractic treatment from scoliotic patients to extreme daily migraine patients.

I went to Kaskaskia College and got my associates in science, then completed my bachelors in human science and completion of my Chiropractic degree at Logan University in St. Louis. Going through school I always thought I would practice in the mid-west but as my graduation got closer I realized I could practice anywhere in the U.S and beautiful Colorado was clearly the best choice for me, with the beautiful mountains and all the outdoor activities.

I am excited to be a Discover Health and Wellness provider. With them I will be able to make Lakewood and the surrounding areas healthier and happier.

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